Saturday, October 16, 2010

Now it begins

I go by the nickname KDAWG, Music is my passion. After many years of working under other in the industry I broke away from them In 2005, I emerged with my partner in crime Riana B. and started In which we created a online magazine showcasing Las Vegas, Nevada talents. After online demand three months later, we went for a national audience working with labels such as Equal Vision Records, Rise Records, Suburban Noize Records, & Strange Music just to name a few.

In 2007, when my father Francis “Keith” Farmer passed away it let me at a crossroad. Like any person in the industry you pick yourself up and move on. Still determined to push it to the limits I found myself struggling as taking to another level.

The genuine factor was moving away, and business was the forefront.

In 2009, my world was turned upside down. As the most horrible news came about. My twelve year old niece had a brain tumor. Not sure on what to do, was pushed aside to seem for good. As depression sucked in, life was at a stand still.

My life was turning into a movie, praying for a happy ending. Sadly my life is not a movie in March of 2010 she won her battle against pain by leaving me here alone.

Lost and confused on what to do next. The next couple of months Harvey Dent came about inside of me. My masked was always on , not showing emotion at all. I felt like a demon was taking over me. My best friend was gone and I felt more alone then ever.

I was done with going on and moving forward. How could I…

Then in the Sumer of 2010, I was out meeting old friends and new faces. It seemed like it was almost time to come back from the darkness.

In late July 2010 I came to peace with thing in my past. Knowing I can not change the bad things but remember the good times.

So the past few months, I have been cleaning myself up and changing my ways. I have been mapping out the future of and staring the new project Free Agent.

Introduction to Free Agent:
The Generation labeled X, is now Generation Doomed. Lost and hopeless becoming battle born with no cares. Success is no longer measured by education but how many people know who you are. Everyone is looking for the number one spot to be on top.

Instead of moving forward as a society, I feel we are moving backwards. When people are still fighting for rights and global warming is labeled as a myth. When religion was form of peace, it is now used as a form of control. How can we move forward?

How come, we can kill a kid over a belief in another country? But yet a girl was rapped by her father and we force her to have the inbreed child.

We will call a person a hero for going into the twin towers to save people. Then deny them health care, telling them it is not a human right to have health care.

Then the AD from the rockstar telling us not to download their music as it is stealing. It’s ok for them to download music from other artists illegally because it makes them more creative.

As a human I feel lost, As a Free agent I feel empowered to seek the truth.

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