Saturday, October 16, 2010


Tech N9NE. Is by far my favorite artist in the world. As funny as it is, how I got in to Tech N9NE is mad crazy. My Grandma was shopping at the mall, went into the warehouse music and got me a sampler for Anghellic. The Sampler had this song on called “it’s Alive” which was the coolest song to me. So I went and picked it up almost right away.

So time go it seemed this talent guy faded off the map. This was before the internet took over by storm years later. Then I see this AD in best buy for Absolute Power I was so stoked. About 4 months after the release. He finally came to Vegas and played the Huntridge Theatre, no lie to about 20 people. He blew me away, I didn’t think hip hop could be fun seeing it live. I have seen D-12, Eminem, 50Cent, which all great live but nothing on the level of Tech.

As the years went on to see, him going from a midnight play to regular rotation. It most people career once they hit a certain spot they won’t go mainstream. To see Tech just blow up and get offers from Lil Wayne to Snoop Dogg it’s mind blowning. To see people of all backgrounds from hip-hop kids, scenec kids, metal heads, Juggalo’s, Sub Noize Ratz. It’s truly a great thing!

This is my play list of my favorite songs from Tech N9NE!

Mitchell Bade featuring Bakarii (From Calm Before the Storm)
They're Gonna Laugh At You (From The Worst)
Boss Doggs (feat. 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians) (From Celcius )
Devil Boy (From Anghellic )
Real Killer (From Anghellic )
Einstein Tech N9ne (From Anghellic )
The Industry Is Punks (From Absolute Power)
I'm A Playa (From Everready (The Religion) )
My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl (From Everready (The Religion) )
Bout Ta' Bubble (From Everready (The Religion) )
Message To The Black Man (From Misery Loves Kompany )
Sex Out South [Explicit] (From Misery Loves Kompany )
Pain A Dark Picture (Feat. Dirtball) (From Killer)
Seven Words (Feat. Skatterman & Krizz Kaliko) (From Killer )
Demons (featuring Three 6 Mafia) (From KOD )
B. Boy (featuring Big Scoob,Bumpy Knuckles,Kutt Calhoun,Skatterman) (From KOD )
Stress Relief (From KOD - The Lost Scripts )
Red Nose (From Sickology 101 )
Blown Away (From Sickology 101 )
Harvey Dent (From The Gates Mixed Plate )

Keeping it positive I am going to be posting it on other artists and moments that changed me.


  1. tech goes hard for sure he my favorite rapper by a mile

  2. I feel ya,man....Tech is da sh@t....Hey,man...Tech has a song called you know what album thats from?I cant find it anywhere.

  3. My first Tech N9ne concert was in 2003 and there was about 30 people at the concert, I was still amazed by Tech N9ne's performance. Now I've been to 21 Tech N9ne concerts in a 7 year span.